Airfares secret revealed!


Our new segment Traveller Assist is dedicated to helping travellers make the right choices and travel hassle free. In this post, we will be helping you guys understand how an airline ticket pricing works!  

Airfare are dynamic in nature, which essentially means the price increases when there are fewer seats available, and each price bracket has usually 10 seats in it. An approximate break up of the fare is as follows. 

Taxes which are usually 20% of the fare.
Fuel cost is usually 20% of the fare.
Staff Expense is around 15% of the fare.
Other Expense is around 40% of the fare. 
and the remaining 5% is the actual airline profit.

Airlines usually divide passengers into two category 

Business Travellers which are less price conscious and travel mostly a Monday and return on a Fridays whereas the second category is the leisure travellers who are ultra price conscious. 

The weekly price trend would look something like the following 

Monday: Expensive
Tuesday: Cheap
Wednesday: Cheap 
Thursday: Average 
Friday: Expensive 
Saturday: Expensive 
Sunday: Average 
Apart from the above, there are few more tips you can follow to save a couple of bucks.

1.Book your ticket at least 90 days in advance.
2. Depart early in the morning and arrive after dinner time.
3. Avoid the holidays  
4. Check the price for one passenger before checking for all family members and then compare. 

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