Sikkim The state of Himalaya


Sikkim is a delight to travel. An Indian State surrounded by the great Himalayan mountains. The scenic beauty is heavenly. Recently I had an opportunity to travel to Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The city is built in the heart of the Mountain ranges so don’t be afraid to climb and to decent a lot during the day, it is like hiking whenever you step out of the hotel.

Gangtok is a place where you can go and enjoy the weather, meditate and inhale all the scenic beauty or if you love some action then there is a lot of adventure sports you can check out but if you plan to shop then probably it is not the best destination. There is only one road which has been converted into a walking plaza, it is called as mall road, where you will find many restaurant and shops of different kinds ranging from international brands to local merchandise shops. 

Reaching Gangtok is a 4 hrs drive from Darjeeling or 4 hrs drive from the nearest airport which is situated at Bagdogra, but rest assure that your dive won’t be boring because you will encounter a lot of natural beauties. 

Well if you think Sikkim is the destination for you then perhaps you might like to add Darjeeling and Pelling to your Itinerary as well, they are all nearby and famous tourist circuit and it can only be covered by Jeeps or SUV.

Mall Road 

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  1. That's a great post I can't wait to see that part of india. I am planning on my trip as we speak heading there in May. Head north into the mountains for the warmer months.

    Do you have any recommendations for india?

  2. India is a multi destination travel getaway! West has Rajasthan which is famous for its amazing forts, South has destination like Kerala, which is famous for its backwaters, East has Sikkim, Darjeeling & Kolkata and finally North which is famous for Kashmir, Delhi etc. Todd it's difficult to choose, like the United States, India too has too many things to offer, only depends what is your taste in travel. If you have any specific query then feel free to shoot me a mail at