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Vacationing Salvadoran style

Los Cobanos, El Salvador

Upon arriving to the El Salvadoran fishing village of Los Cobanos, you might just think 

that you found yourself in a ghost town. Decrepit buildings, unpaved roads and dust 

does not leave a shiny first impression. However, surprise awaits you as you 

familiarize with what this little town has to offer.

Visiting Los Cobanos is a much more different experience than anything we have 

encountered during our trip throughout Central America. Life here seems to be as 

uncomplicated as it can get: there are only a couple places to sleep if you want to 

spend the night, a strip of local eateries stretched throughout the shore, parking 

spaces and, surprisingly, no foreign tourists. Throughout our stay, we encountered 

many local visitors enjoying a sunny day on the beach accompanied by a seafood 

plate and a bottle of local beer. No internet, no fancy plank-beds, just pure laughter 

and joy of children trying to catch small crabs which are roaring through the stones. 

There are not many activities to take up while you are here, however, as mentioned 

before, the beauty of Los Cobanos lies in its simplicity. Fishing boats come and go 

throughout the day making it enjoyable to spend hours sitting on the beach and 

watching them unload their catch. For a more adventurous soul there is a possibility of 

organizing a trip with local fishermen or taking upon a free diving session straight 

When it comes to spending the night, a simple double room with a fan will cost you 

around £9.8 ($15) or you could settle for a dorm bed (£7.8 ($15)) in the beautiful Los 

Cobanos Village Lodge which is situated right on the beach. It also includes a pool 

and there is a restaurant on the premises (although quite pricey). Eating out is limited 

to the beach front eateries where an average seafood plate will cost you around £4 

We strongly believe that there are no friendlier and more proud inhabitants in Central 

America than the Salvadorans.

Even though the rest of this small fishing village seems abandoned, exploring the 

surroundings is still a viable option to spend your afternoon as you can meet friendly 

local people, who may even offer you a short visit to their home.

Los Cobanos did take us by surprise with its purity and lack of foreign tourists, giving 

us a chance to examine the culture of El Salvador's local tourists from up close. There 

is no better way to explore the country than by getting accustomed with its people and 

we have to say that there are no friendlier and more proud inhabitants in Central 

America than the Salvadorans.

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