The Goan Paradise !


The Traveller's Guide to Goa!

Goa is famous for its beaches and parties, but the fact is that it is very rich in culture and heritage. Goa has a history which by itself is very interesting and altogether another story to tell some other day.

You should definitely include the below in your city tour itinerary! Believe me, you will love them.

Bom Jesus Basilica: It is UNESCO world heritage site, The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The church is located in old Goa which was the capital in the early days of Portugal rule.

Fort Aguada: It is a well preserved seventeenth-century Portuguese fort standing in Goa, the fort was constructed in 1613 to guard against the Dutch.

Dona Paula: The place is named after Dona Paula Amaral Antonio De Souto Maior, A historic
figure in Portuguese. Today Dona Paula is really famous for the amazing Sunset and the    
brilliant shopping around, lots of Bollywood movies have been filmed there.

The Church of our Lady of Immaculate conception: The Church was first built in 1541 as a chapel by Portuguese and later replaced by a larger Church which we see today. The church is painted white which looks brilliant, every year on 8th of March the church is colourfully illuminated and a fair is also part of the festival.

Kala Academy: A Goan asset, Kala Academy represents the vibrant culture and art of the Goan people. A must visit because without knowing the culture of the place a visit is truly incomplete. 

Anjuna: The place is world famous for its trance parties held during the tourist season, but it is also famous for the flea market which is held every Wednesday where you can buy things ranging from fruits to jewellery, clothes and electronic devices. 

One thing is for sure, people come to Goa to relax, party and to seek new memories, make a point to check out…

The Mind-blowing Water sports
Water sports make our body pump adrenaline, well don’t worry Goa won’t disappoint you, almost all kind watersport sorts are available like Diving, Catamaran sailing, Jetskiing, Parasailing and windsurfing. Calangute is the hub for water sports in Goa and with so many operators operating there, the rates are also very reasonable as compared to other beaches in Goa.

The crazy Yacht party 
A visit to Goa is never completed if you haven’t experienced the awesome Yacht parties which in true sense breathtaking and you cannot afford to miss them! Amazing Dj’s playing some out of the world music and to top that you will have some brilliant scenic view of the Goan coast!

Casino- Gamblers paradise 
In India, Goa is the only State where you will find Casinos! They are very popular among Indian as well as Foreigners. In Goa, there are hotels with Casinos and Cruise having on board casinos so make you choice and Gamble! 

Mandovi River sunset cruise 
Goan tourism operates a range of entertaining hour long cruise along the Mandovi river, usually a live band performs Goan folk song and dance. My personal favourite is a twice-weekly, two-hour-long dinner cruise. 

Relish the Feni 
A visit to Goa is never completed without trying the Feni! A liquor which is only produced & sold in Goa and nowhere else. There is two type of Feni, one which is made of Cashew and other which is made from coconut. They are so amazing that people travel to Goa just to drink Feni!! 

Goa is best seen when you don't bind yourself to taxis or public transport, My strong suggestion is to hire a bike or a car so that you can explore Goa without any interruption! 

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