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Even an explorer can’t resist a dessert! hence, this post is dedicated to a dessert from Italy which will   take your taste buds to heaven. 

Tiramisu is one of the most famous Italian dessert, It is so light that you just can’t have enough of it! If the looks of the dessert is not enough for you to resist your cravings then the name Tiramisu literally mean, Pick Me Up. Well, you can’t say no to a dessert which is as tasty as sweet heaven and the name itself seduces you to eat it. 

Tiramisu is basically coffee flavoured dessert which contains a little bit of liquor. The making of the masterpiece starts with ladyfingers also known as Savoiardi or in British English sponge fingers soaked in a mixture of coffee and rum. Later on the top, a layer of whipped mixture of egg, sugar and mascarpone cheese is added and  the layers are repeated once that is done, it is kept in the freezer to set for 4-6 hrs. Once the dessert is ready cocoa powder is added on the top to enhance the flavour and make it look as beautiful as it tastes. 

So next time when you are in Italy make sure you don’t miss this dessert.  

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