Devil's own treat


Devil's own treat!

Our world is like a rainbow, made of different colours. Every colour not alike but still very beautiful in its own way.

This post will be about a rather strange but very popular snack from Scotland! It is surprisingly very tasty as well.  It is popularly known as the deep fried Mars bar, yes I said, Mars bar the famous chocolate bar. This dish was not introduced nor endorsed by the company but
originated at chip shops in Scotland.

The dish is prepared with a chocolate bar which is kept in the freezer until it is cold so that the bar does not melt while frying. A mixture of Flour and baking soda is prepared and then that batter is coated on the chocolate bar and then fried. The outcome of this process is a wonderfully hot sweet fried treat which for your information very unhealthy so don't have too much of them at any cost.

This snack is served with Fries or Fish sticks, but you can eat this devil treat with anything really, Pair it up with your coffee or just after dinner as sweet dish whatever you like.

photo credit: <a href="">Deep Fried Mars Bar</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

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