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Hi there,

A blogger should take out time to explain his idea behind his blog hence I will be releasing such post to give you an idea of what travel means to me ! 

Everyone has a mission in Life, A goal which they strive to achieve. Honestly my goal is to see the world, in fact my burning desires is to explore every corner of it. See the world as it is ! I know, for everyone it is difficult to make travel a lifestyle but he or she should try to explore as much as they can because end of the day what you will be left with is memories so collect them as many as you can. 

The best part of traveling is when you meet new people from different cultures, countries and interact as if there no borders separating them, Traveling open one's mind to different possibilities and all the differences magical disappears. 

So make sure that you take out time to travel, start from where you stand, explore your city, then your country and then The World! 

Have a great day ! 


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Devil's own treat

Devil's own treat!

Our world is like a rainbow, made of different colours. Every colour not alike but still very beautiful in its own way.

This post will be about a rather strange but very popular snack from Scotland! It is surprisingly very tasty as well.  It is popularly known as the deep fried Mars bar, yes I said, Mars bar the famous chocolate bar. This dish was not introduced nor endorsed by the company but
originated at chip shops in Scotland.

The dish is prepared with a chocolate bar which is kept in the freezer until it is cold so that the bar does not melt while frying. A mixture of Flour and baking soda is prepared and then that batter is coated on the chocolate bar and then fried. The outcome of this process is a wonderfully hot sweet fried treat which for your information very unhealthy so don't have too much of them at any cost.

This snack is served with Fries or Fish sticks, but you can eat this devil treat with anything really, Pair it up with your coffee or j…

Christmas Special


It’s Christmas!! HO Ho HO, you heard it right Santa is on its way! Christmas is a festival of joy and celebrated around the world, In this post I thought to take you guys around the world to see how Christmas is celebrated.

Christmas In China 
In China, Christmas is called Sheng Dan Jiah which means the Holy birth festival. Like in any other family Christmas tree is decorated with the spirit of joy and fun and the Chinese know that very well, they decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful lanterns, flowers and red paper chains which symbolise happiness. The Chinese call Christmas tree “The Tree of Light”. 

Christmas In England 
The English are known for their great celebrations, the weather is cold and wet perhaps the best weather for the holiday season. For a typical English family Christmas eve is very busy, when I say busy I mean in a fun way! They kind of busy which everyone likes! They spend their day packing presents, baking Christmas cookies and hanging stocking over…

Amazing Dubai

Amazing Dubai 

Amazing Dubai is a part of The United Arab Emirates and it a vacation hotspot for any type of traveller.  Dubai was built on a desert and today it is the part of an elite club of most modern cities in the world.  

Dubai is famous for Luxury shopping, Ultra-modern architecture and a die for Nightlife, having said that Dubai has very well preserved its rich cultural beauty. Dubai has been the talk of the town because of having built the world’s tallest building and the job has been done so well that the building “Burj Khalifa” is just not the tallest but one of the most beautiful building to admire once you have a glance at it. 
I have alway been fascinated about Dubai because of the simplicity it has to offer but yet so modern. Dubai is the only place where you will find a seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab, An artificial archipelago of various small Island constructed in the shape of the world map.

A person planning to travel to Dubai need not worry about anything, Dubai has a …