Beating the Budget ! with Delight


Beating the Budget 

Traveling in a budget airline is itself a task, in fact, a budget airline is in real term isn’t a budget airline at all, they practically charge you for everything. First pay for your ticket, then for your luggage, and to top that pay for the in-flight meals! When you add all these up then it is a bit unfair to call then a budget airline.

If you plan to travel in a budget airline then you should consider thinking about following 5 rules. 

Carry a single handbag!

Keep in mind that if you are planning to travel via a budget airline then make sure you have a single handbag. Budget airline do not offer you that much of leg room hence you don't want your luggage to be sitting where you would like to rest your legs.

Don’t Purchase in-flight food

Honestly, I have a rule for this if it is not included then don’t eat it. I say this because most of the budget airlines have pathetic food for which they like to charge you sky-high prices. you better have your meals at the airport restaurant, you won’t regret it!

Don’t forget to web-check-in 

It becomes bumpy if you are sitting near the tail of the plane hence make sure you grab yourself a front seat. if you are not planning to pre-book your seat by paying extra charges than make sure you web-check in as soon as possible (usually web-check-in starts 24-48 hrs prior to your departure).

Make arrangement for your entertainment 

You better carry your Laptop with some movies or videos or if you want to travel light then a mp3 player might come in handy because most of the budget airline don’t provide you with in-flight entertainment.

Say no to Formal 

Well this might sound impractical but the reality is if you plan to wear formals while traveling in a budget airline then rest assure that you will not be reaching your meeting, in the same way, you started from your port of departure, Its not that a normal airline would treat you better, but budget airlines have cramped up seats which just makes it worst. A solution could be to carry an extra shirt with you and hand over your coat to the flight attendant.

Sometimes even frequent flyers forget to consider these small things and have a tough time during their journey, at explorer’s edition we will try to keep you informed about any and every fact that may affect your travels!  Thanks and Have a great day ahead! Cheers 

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