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The Journey

Hi guys ! Are we having a good day today ? Feeling bored this time of the year ?

This time of the year is great to travel to Europe !! Cheap air fares, Hotels and lots of fun ! Its not so cold and not so hot best season to visit. I personally like Greece alot! Amazing history, Amazing ancient monuments. One feel like he has reach the era of Great Greek Warriors.

If you check out the city Athens you will find lots of places filled with their glorious history! Greece is also know as the city of Museums. Greece has many Islands as well which have some amazing beaches. I guess Greece offers something for everyone.

If you plan to visit Greece then make sure you plan your visit well probably add couple of more countries nearby like Italy, Turkey.

Many transportation options are available if you are planning to visit europe. Intercity train service, Intercountry train service and Flights and self driving is also an option. Please understand that trains are usually expensive but offer a good experience, Self drive cars are also a good option provided you like driving. Flights are usually less heavy on your pocket(Surprising right !!? but a reality).

In the end I would just like to say that I personally feel that to best explore europe, it is best to travel by foot in each and every city you visit. In the next post I will discuss more about Europe. 


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Christmas Special


It’s Christmas!! HO Ho HO, you heard it right Santa is on its way! Christmas is a festival of joy and celebrated around the world, In this post I thought to take you guys around the world to see how Christmas is celebrated.

Christmas In China 
In China, Christmas is called Sheng Dan Jiah which means the Holy birth festival. Like in any other family Christmas tree is decorated with the spirit of joy and fun and the Chinese know that very well, they decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful lanterns, flowers and red paper chains which symbolise happiness. The Chinese call Christmas tree “The Tree of Light”. 

Christmas In England 
The English are known for their great celebrations, the weather is cold and wet perhaps the best weather for the holiday season. For a typical English family Christmas eve is very busy, when I say busy I mean in a fun way! They kind of busy which everyone likes! They spend their day packing presents, baking Christmas cookies and hanging stocking over…

Amazing Dubai

Amazing Dubai 

Amazing Dubai is a part of The United Arab Emirates and it a vacation hotspot for any type of traveller.  Dubai was built on a desert and today it is the part of an elite club of most modern cities in the world.  

Dubai is famous for Luxury shopping, Ultra-modern architecture and a die for Nightlife, having said that Dubai has very well preserved its rich cultural beauty. Dubai has been the talk of the town because of having built the world’s tallest building and the job has been done so well that the building “Burj Khalifa” is just not the tallest but one of the most beautiful building to admire once you have a glance at it. 
I have alway been fascinated about Dubai because of the simplicity it has to offer but yet so modern. Dubai is the only place where you will find a seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab, An artificial archipelago of various small Island constructed in the shape of the world map.

A person planning to travel to Dubai need not worry about anything, Dubai has a …

Sikkim The state of Himalaya

Sikkim is a delight to travel. An Indian State surrounded by the great Himalayan mountains. The scenic beauty is heavenly. Recently I had an opportunity to travel to Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The city is built in the heart of the Mountain ranges so don’t be afraid to climb and to decent a lot during the day, it is like hiking whenever you step out of the hotel.

Gangtok is a place where you can go and enjoy the weather, meditate and inhale all the scenic beauty or if you love some action then there is a lot of adventure sports you can check out but if you plan to shop then probably it is not the best destination. There is only one road which has been converted into a walking plaza, it is called as mall road, where you will find many restaurant and shops of different kinds ranging from international brands to local merchandise shops. 
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