New Zealand in Fine Print !


The Insights of New Zealand 

Courtesy: New Zealand tourism.  Photo Credit: Destination Lake Taupo. 

In my last post, I briefly spoke about New Zealand, If you haven't read it yet then please do so before going ahead with this article. In this post, I will be elaborating about some interesting facts about the great Island nation New Zealand. 

People from New Zealand are referred as Kiwi but unlike many demographic labels, it's usage isn't consider offensive but in fact, it is seen as an endearment or a sense of pride. The national animal of New Zealand is Kiwi from which their nickname has been derived. The culture of the Kiwis has been influenced by Maori culture which by the way, makes only 15% of New Zealand’s population.

Kiwis are very friendly people and love meeting new people from different cultures in fact New Zealanders are considered the most polite people in the world. New Zealanders are the kind of people who don't like bargaining nor they expect a tips except in elite restaurant so keep this in mind perhaps this travel info might come in handy during your visit.

A trip to New Zealand is never finished if you haven't had their cuisine. Their cuisine could be described with the term Pacific rim because their cuisine inspiration came from European, Asian and Polynesian cuisines. A blend of these produces some mouth-watering range of foods.

New Zealand is a land of festivals and hosts many varieties of them every year. On the top of my mind, I can recall few amazing festivals which I would love to share it here.

The World of Wearable Art: It is held every year in the month of September. The festival showcase a wide variety of unique garments made from a designer from all over the world. If you are a fashion fanatic then this is the place you want to be.

The Wine and Food Festival: This festival is one of my favourites and I say this because I am a foodie to the core. This festival is hosted every year in summer months which are in terms of New Zealand are December to March. It is host to one of the finest Wine and mouthwatering food.

The Wild food Festival: This festival is one of the most unique festivals New Zealand has to offer. The food offered by this festival are some which you might not see in any restaurant’s menu, if you plan to witness this festival then you should plan your visit in the month of March.

Speight's coast to coast:  A race as long as 240 km in length, it give an opportunity to explore the landscape of New Zealand and this is the race every athlete dreams to run.

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  1. Thank you for giving such a fine image of new zealand ...makes me wanna go there right now....Hopefully 1 day i get to see it with my eyes ��

  2. Thank you for giving such a fine image of new zealand ...makes me wanna go there right now....Hopefully 1 day i get to see it with my eyes ��