Edge of the World!! New Zealand !!


                                Photo Credit: Chris-McLennan   Courtesy: New Zealand Tourism      

New Zealand !!!

Lord of the rings and Hobbit presented us with the amazing landscape of the island country New Zealand. Well to make this post a little boring I thought that I should add some facts about the country. First of all the capital of New Zealand is Wellington and not Auckland and their currency is New Zealand Dollars. New Zealand is made up of two Islands and both of them have a volcano.Honestly, I feel when one says the term Gods own Country, one remembers New Zealand just because of beautiful mountain touching the sky and the lakes which are calm but still violent in portraying their grace. 

If you are planning to visit New Zealand then make sure you travel in the month of December as the weather is pleasant. The month of December is the start of summers, usually the world is experiencing winters but the people of New Zealand are chill on the beach trying to absorb some sunlight. New Zealand is an adventurer’s paradise when I say paradise I mean it in literal way! Hiking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, White Water Rafting and Skydiving but the list doesn't get over here, It is as long as you can imagine.

For an adventure junkie the above is enough for his blood to flow faster through his veins but not all seek mind blowing adventure for their vacations, many get portion of adrenaline in their daily life and want a calm and nice place where they can slow down a bit, well New Zealand has something for everyone. 

While traveling to New Zealand make sure you even check out Australia the Island Continent. The World is really big and has a lot to offer so you better start your journey now or else you will be missing a lot. 

Even the greatest explorers can’t say that they have seen it all hence I would request my readers to share your experience with me and the world through this platform and I will be back in the coming days with a new country and its wonderful glory.

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